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When was the first time you saw a Marine recruiter? Admin |

The Marine Recruiter

When was the first time I ever saw a Marine recruiter?

I had moved to a different town so when I enrolled in the local high school I was told I'd be in sixth period P.E. which was made up entirely of Seniors. I was only a Freshman so I felt constantly intimidated by the older guys, but one day, because they were Seniors, we all had to sit through the mandatory recruiting pitch by all the services. ( How times have changed)

In the auditorium, up on the stage, sat four guys in their respective uniforms. The Army guy went first. He jabbered about career and duty or some such shit then sat down to give the next guy his time at the microphone. By this time on this warm Spring afternoon, more than a few of us were noddin' off. No interest whatsoever. Then the Navy guy got up and droned on about seeing the world and adventure and equally mundane shit. The Marine recruiter was next to speak but he deferred to the Air Force guy, which got everybody's attention. I know most of us were staring at the Gunny while the Air Force guy spoke. The Air Force guy blathered the same old shit, just a different uniform, which were all pretty as a picture, but nothin' like the Marine Gunny's uniform. Dress blues. Nothin' like'em.

When it was his turn to speak he abruptly stood up, did a right face, marched few steps, then a detail left until he halted next to the microphone. He stood at Parade Rest and stared at us all. Everybody was suddenly awake and attentive.

Without using the microphone he barked, (with a look of disgust on his face) "I don't see anybody in this room I want in my Marine Corps." He then did a right face and marched out the side door, leaving the other three guys sittin' there like dopes. You coulda heard a pin drop.

The guy was a genius. You could almost see the hook in every guy's mouth. All the Gunny had to do was sit in his office and reel'em in.

I betcha every one of us has a story about their recruiter. We oughta ask guys to write about them and put them all together. I betcha it would be riot.

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