While I Was At Arlington

While I Was At Arlington

I thought they were just Practicing… because the Marine Corps War Memorial was just a few Hundred Meters away… Continue reading
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  • Jerry A.Lewis

    Great pictures, covering an event that any Marine worth his salt would be proud of. I have met a few marines that just don’t have the pride that most of our brothers carry. I feel sorry for them,and hope that someday they will regain the pride they deserve. Thanks for the pictorial. From one Vietnam vet to another. Jerry A. Lewis Sgt Vietnam 1965 Da-nang.

  • Rodney McMahon (always a marine 1965- 1975 (GYSGT)

    I too was at Arlington and saw the the honor guard doing what one would think was just practice but soon realized that they were in fact rendering HONORS to our fallen brothers .We also had the honor to watch the magic and pride that the whole company of U.S. MARINES from Marine Barracks 8&I perform at evening parade at Arlington with special skills and pride for their country and Corps made this old Marine beam with pride and respect for our U. S. MARINE CORPS SEMPER FI forever.

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