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Who Does A Vietnam Vet VOTE For? Admin |

Gore’s Military Service or Bush?
Submitted by: Loyde P. “Snake” Arender

Gore or Bush?

Gore …. I think that I might have seen “Gore” ALL over Nam, especially “In the Bush” because I vividly Remember A Lot of Marines saying: ” There sure is a bunch of Blood, Guts, and GORE in the BUSH”. (Or was that spelled Goar ? ) Hell, I don’t know …. I was a PFC “grunt” …. WE didn’t know shit until it had already happened.

So, I guess, both GORE and BUSH were in Nam, correct? I know, for a fact, that many times, I was told: “We’re going to the BUSH” … but I never saw him. Furthermore, the first time someone told me that we were going “To the BUSH’ … I thought we were going to a whore house to Get Some.

Every time that I thought I might see Gore, someone yelled: “Turn your head, Don’t Look; it’s Gore”…. Maybe, he tried to Keep his Tour in Nam a Secret.

But like I said, Grunts don’t know shit …. and now, I got to figure out whether to vote for Gore or Bush…. Damn, Life’s Tuff.

Semper Fidelis
Loyde P. “Snake” Arender
Kilo Co. 3rd BN 26th Marines

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