Who We Are by Vela Eddie

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Who We Are
by Vela Eddie

Who we are you ask
We live on our feet, definitely
Will not live on our knees.
When duty calls
We leave everything behind
Family, friends everything we love.
We will kill for those who cannot kill
Die for those too scared to

We fight for what many wont
We take the punishment and pay the price
For all that you enjoy.
Fear not our fate, enjoy your freedom
While it is not free, we will pay your share
Often ultimate sacrifice is the cost.
There is nothing you should fear.
We have your back, the bullets hit our chest.

While people question our jobs,
We courageously battle the enemy
Off in far away lands
We never know if today is the day we will die but,
We are not afraid to do so because
In our hearts we know, that back at home you will all be fine.

Honor, courage, and commitment
Hardship along with those training experiences
Bond us all together
A brotherhood so inexplicable
You will never understand,
unless you?re one of us.

Who we are you ask,
We are the fighting force
America's 911,
We are Semper Fidelis
United States Marines till the day we die.

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