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Who Went and Didn’t Come Back

Who Went and Didn’t Come Back
Julia Holewinski

Your heart is the strongest strength,
even if it is purple.
Or broken,
like the families,
who loved ones went to war and will never come back.
They are strong,
so are you.
On Memorial Day,
guess who it’s dedicated to,
that family member,
or other members of families,
who didn’t come back.
Who went and didn’t come back.
Always in prayers,
they’re okay up there,
they went to war and didn’t come back.
Or did they?
Not physically, anyway.
But when you say they didn’t come back,
they can still live,
always around you,
with you,
in you.
They went to war and came back.
They came back in you.
In your heart.
In your mind.
And they will never leave again.


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