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Dear Sgt. Grit,
my name is Bryce Walters. im from comanche texas and im 18 years old. im enlisted in the marines and ship out for San Diego on July 20th of 2007. My older step brother is also in the marines and currently serving in Baghdad. I wrote this poem to my family so they would understand why im making this choice that others are too scared to make.

by Bryce Walters

There are people who don’t understand
Who just don’t realize
Why I’m doing what I am
And why I’ll pay the price

I tell them someone’s got to go
It might as well be me
But if you really want to know
I do it for Liberty

Because the freedom we all have
Didn’t come for free
It was won with the lives
Of others just like me

Sons and daughters who gave it all
Who put it on the line
Some of whom would sadly fall
And leave us all behind

They left their friends and family
Doing what was right
Protecting those in need of help
That couldn’t stand and fight

With honor shinning in their eyes
They held their chins up high
And now they’re waiting for the day
When we will reunite

So as you see I made this choice
Because I love this land
And will defend it with my own life
Until the very end

Some mom and dad and sis and bub
I have to leave you now
And if we never meet again
I hope I made you proud

So if your wondering who I am
Or if these words I mean
I’ll simply say just one thing
I’m a United States MARINE


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