Why Choppers and Tanks are Alike

South Vietnam, Republic Of; I was a radioman with the 7th Regiment, 1St Marine Division from September 1967 through October-1968 at Hill 55. One day we were walking back from a daily patrol and when we reached the main highway, we hitched a ride on an Army tank that was passing through. Never got inside it, but looked down into it. A few days later I was heading out on an operation in a CH-46 helicopter and got shot down. Luckily I survived with just a couple of sprained ribs-it made me realize that tanks and helicopters had the same problem-they’re both fucking bullet magnets! To all of us and those just like us-Damn Few!!
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  • Dave ” Mac” McKee

    As a tank gunner I did not need drugs had a 90mm gun yes gun!( 68 lands and 68 groves). And I have to say after a hell of a night and in the morning when the infantry had been in a circle of 48’s who laid down so much fire power the was no second wave and all the casualties were evact. My brothers on the ground were very tankful. In Memory. Cpt. Waunch.Kia. 28, July 1969 Operation Idaho Canyon.

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