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Wings of Hope by Francis X Curran

“Wings of Hope”
By Francis X Curran 5-23-2004

They stormed ashore on a beach named Hell,
Bullets and shrapnel humming deaths song.
Looking over to where a Marine just fell,
Calling, Corpsman, Corpsman, in a voice once strong.
Praying for a helping hand,
Staring into a fading sky.
Life?s blood staining the sand,
Dodging the stinging messengers of death,
Doing his damnedest, to ply his trade.
This Hero kneels in deaths dark door,
Tends the wound, and pulls him from the sea.
Knowing that this day there will be many more,
But, today, God will hear this mans plea.
And as I looked around again,
My mind filled with many things.
But I want to make this one thing plain,
Despite the panic and the fear, this thing
I saw, I still hold dear,
And this I’ll swear, and swear again,
The Corpsman turned his back, and then
This sight I saw, I still see yet,
And pray to God that I won?t forget,
As through combat zones, I grope,
The day a Corpsman sprouted Angel wings of hope.

Dedicated to all U. S. Navy Corpsman
By: SSGT Francis X Curran USMC (RET.)

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