It’s interesting to read the stories about how different wanna- be’s suggest or pretend to desire the name Marine. When I was a young 2nd Lt in flight training in Pensacola in the 70’s, I still remember several Navy Ensigns (even one or two Annapolis Grads) quietly murmuring how they wish they were Marines. It was evident to them that with only a few months of military service under our belts and not much experience at anything, Marines are something different and special.

Bob Foley
USMC 1974-1981

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  • Sgt Klein

    I too wear a usmc veterans hat and jacket I get thank you and glances all the time.I even get my meals paid for sometimes . I am proud to wear them Semper Fi Marines. 69-72

  • L/cpl T.J.Davis

    I was in the mall yesterday birthday shopping with my granddaughter Veterans Day I was wearing a Marine Corp baseball cover and a hooded sweat shirt with USMC and the Globe and Anchor on the front in gold color I could see the side glances of other service men from different branches looking and I know they were thinking I wish I was were wearing that USMC Globe and Anchor I did get a lot of thank you for your service and hand shakes Semper Fi wear it proud as we are one of the few the proud the MARINES. 1st Mar Div. Vietnam 69-70

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