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Witness to the Corps

Dear Sirs:

Our Marine Corps League Detachment #1263 has an outstanding member by the name of Bill Crider. He has dreamed his whole life of being a marine. He is now 77 years old and tried to enlist in the Corps in 1949. He has had a almost total hearing loss since his youth and for this reason, was denied. He did serve in the Civil Air Patrol for 5 years. Bill’s dream of being a Marine has been filled with his membership as an associate member in our detachment. Bill wears the complete uniform with great pride, volunteers for everything and works tirelessly for the good of our organization.

Bill wrote a poem and read it at our Marine Corps Ball. I am attaching it for your information and in case you would want to print it.

Semper Fi,
Bob Workman

Witness to the Corps
by Lawrence W. Crider


I can hear it, oh my brothers
and I?ll not forget the sound –
of tramping feet at old Tun Tavern
when the flag was coming ?round!
I have heard it in the country
I have heard it in the town –
through the valley, on the meadow
on forested hills, all up and down!
I have seen it on the coldest mountain
in the waving grass on foreign plains ?
on the beaches of tropical islands
in snowstorms and torrential rains!
I have seen it on the desert
trackless waste of endless sand ?
they have written our nation?s history
on the sea, in air, on land!
Now my eyes behold their glory
as they go a-marching by ?
I?ve felt the spirit in the thunder
of their rousing battle cry!
They who wear the Dress Blue uniform
are still the bravest of the bold ?
strong in conflict, vigilant in peace
as they have been from days of old!
And we?re not forgetting all the boys
who never made it home ?
some still rest in lonely cemeteries
far beyond the rolling oceans foam.
So, my brothers, keep the cadence
Courage, Honor, Commitment all the way ?
Semper Fidelis is still the watchword
of the Marine Corps of today!


In this celebration of the 232nd birthday of the United States Marine Corps, the Wortman-Lowe Detachment of the Marine Corps League upholds and honors the Corps with its support?

Semper Fidelis?. Forever!

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