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Woman Marines

Ruth Chippich-Murphy with Heather and Amanda

I, too, was a WM from 1980 to 1982. Platoon 8A, L Company, at Parris Island. Radio School at Twentynine Palms, then Radio Plt, CommCo, H&S Battalion, 2dFSSG, Camp Lejeune. The building was actually one of the old wooden barracks, and if I remember correctly, we were one of the last platoons to ‘live’ in that barracks before it was condemned! We did not do the obstacle course or go to the rifle range during bootcamp. I joined the Marines at the urging of my best friends older sister, who was a Marine at the time I was trying to decide what to do with my life. Much to my horror, one day at mail call, one of my ADI’s, Sgt. V. Tovar, called my name & quite frankly, was more than a little aggravated that I was getting mail from SSgt Sarah Degraff, HER bootcamp ‘bunkie’, and wanted to know why! As I stumbled through an explanation, I could only imagine the horrors Sgt. Tovar was planning for me. Needless to say I wrote a letter to Sarah, ASAP, and told her not to ever write to me again! To this day, nothing short of the births of my three sons, makes me prouder than the fact that I have earned the right to call myself a United States Marine. My two oldest sons also joined the Marines.

My middle son has done a tour in Afghanistan and two tours (one extended) in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The photo I’ve attached is of myself, and two of the boys friends, Heather and Amanda….the three of us call ourselves ‘The Marineaholics’, beside my Jeep. Unfortunately, the Jeep didn’t survive a crazy, hydroplaning driver on I95, but nothing changes my love for the Marine Corps. Semper Fi to all of those who have served, in the past and the present. As a former Marine, and a Marine Mom, I can guarantee you that being a Marine Mom is absolutely the toughest job in the Corps!!

Ruth Chippich-Murphy
VP Marine & even prouder Marine Mom!

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