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Wondering Dreaming

Wondering Dreaming
by Joshua Grgurich

To Sgt Bollinger and my Marines I left behind at CLR 17 MPCO

As I sit here thinking
Wondering, dreaming.

I think of friends,
And all night drinking bends
Times of past,
My how the memories last.

Yet Your fight goes on
My fears do too,
That you are there
And I am here without you.

My brothers you are many,
Our Enemies none too few
I only wish I were there,
To guide and protect you.

To shelter you from danger,
The Toils and snares.
To share with you the anger,
And all the nightmares

To pay the debt of others,
The ones who have gone before
So freedom rings, evermore

Once again I wonder what will be,
Wondering what the price is,
just to be free

People don’t realize the price we pay
They, only chastise the wars we wage.
To defend their rights to say
it’s time to change America’s way.

But you are there and I am here
But do not fret do not fear
Because you are in my prayers
To you I hold dear.
May god protect you,
May you protect us
May he hold you tight.
God bless you and Semper Fidelis
And may I see you again next Christmas night.

Joshua A Grgurich Sgt USMC

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