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WWII 5th Division Marines

WWII 5th Division Marines

This is WWII G battery 3 13th Marines, 5th Division. Feb. 1945. Iwo Jima. Glamour Gal is the gun to the left. This was sent to me my a K battery Iwo 13th Marine 5th Division vet. My grandfather was on the Glamour Gal 105 mm howitzer crew and I contacted your newsletter earlier this year to try to locate living members and or families. This is a National Archive negative W9C 856. I did visit the 5th Division page after ordering from your site tonight and noticed no photos.

My name is Angelia Bratcher Bess and I hope you can use this on your site. I am the granddaughter of a 5th Division Marine of WWII Iwo Jima, and a daughter of a 3rd Division Marine early Viet Nam era.

Glamour Gal howitzer was credited with firing the first shot on Iwo.

Thank you for your time.

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