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WWII Marines Don't Get Old... They Get Gritty

WWII Marines Don't Get Old... They Get Gritty

The Greatest Generation just keeps amazing…

I have an update for you and your readers about my Uncle Marvin, the WWII Pacific grunt. He celebrated his 90th birthday in June… his son and sister-in-law planned a surprise party for him. Had to make it 3 days after his actual birthday though, it was the first opening in his social calendar! He still works full time too… has to have "play money" for all that socializing!

I have included a couple pics from two of the occasions. He is always accompanied by "his Lovely Lady Sophia", his friend and companion.

Uncle Marvin asked me a favor for his 100th birthday, "sure, anything you want"… he wants to go skydiving… HUH?! He is the only person on the face of the planet that could get me to step out of a perfectly good airplane, but if he wants to do it, I'll go! Well..3 weeks ago he decided he better practice and went for a test dive! His evaluation… "It was a rush!" He was quick to tell me it was a "real dive too… 14,000 feet with 2000 feet free fall"… Grinning all the way!

WWII Marines don't get old… They get Gritty!

Who knows what he'll do for 95!

Love the newsletter! Thanks for your continued service!

Charlita (Proud Marine wife / niece)

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