Here are 2 of the pictures. The one of the platoon I do have the names of the individuals, they are: Front: Burt Eddings, F. Thorpe, W. Raymond, L. M. Golden, Bobo Porter, H. A. Cushing, LT. McDonald, Don Stout, Fred DeSomme, Jerry Schwartz, Floyd Hileman, M. M. Silver, R. B Ziegler. BACK: Louie Hansen, L. R. McMahon, W. R. Ringrose, A. J. Zimmerman, H. L. Straha

My father was Frank Stevens, and I believe he was in communications. He didn’t talk alot about his time in WW2, so between his children, we have been piecing it together. As soon as I get the rest of the Saipan photo’s scanned, I would be more than glad to send them as well.

Thank You So Much and Good Luck
Karen Beach

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