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WWII WMs and Honor Flights

WWII WMs and Honor Flights

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Sgt Grunt,

Last month Honor Flight flew 97 aging but vibrant WWII Vets flew from Madison Wisconsin to Washington, DC. to visit the WWII Memorial and return home in a one day blitz. This flight set the record for the most female WWII Vets on any flight in the history of the program, and it was noted that a vast majority of those women were WMs, or as they were called back then, WRs. Proud to say that my 86 year old Momma, Corporal Annette Howards, USMCWR, was standing front and center when the roll was called at the airport.

Over 1200 family members and friends accompanied by Honor Guards, a Swing Band, Red Cross Donut Dollies, TV Reporters, and numerous VIPs turned out at the airport late that night to surprise and honor the 97 returning Vets. Marine family members clearly over-shadowed the families of the “other servicemembers”. By the time the celebration was over there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Semper Fi to yesterday’s WMs for stepping forward, standing tall, and paving the way for future generations of Women Marines.

Semper Fi to today’s WMs for stepping forward, standing tall, upholding those past traditions and creating new traditions of their own.

Jeff Howards
Sgt of Marines

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