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X-mas in RVN

X-mas in RVN

Well; now I sent this to you: Dec 1967 as OpChief, G-3-11; Hill 10 and Dec 70, and still OpChief, this time E-2-11 at FSB Ryder.

The picture from Ryder show some interesting people: BGen Simmons; Lt Houston who retired some 28 years later as Colonel, Gunny Aguilar, Capt Mulholland, the battery commander who spent 4 tours in the Nam, SSGT Lozada (Me) who retired a CWO-5 in the Field Artillery and after 34 years and 4 months and other FDC guys and an Army Liasion Team since army units were loose in the Que Son basin.

Happy New Year fellow FDC/Comm Marines.

Semper Fi

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