Yellow Foot Prints -San Diego MCRD

By: Sgt Darrel B Whiting

I was in Boot Camp in August of 1953, and could not remember if there were yellow foot prints there at my arrival…others during the same area couldn’t remember if they were there either. I called MCRD and talked to a nice young lady in the Museum there. She confirmed that the first they could establish that the Yellow Foot Prints were there was in 1963, in fact JFK visited the base and stood in the foot prints. Also she told me that in 1953 the first recruit graduation books came out. Thought others would be interested …. guess we are now ready to report to the museum at 84 years old….

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  • G Willard 0311, 8651/0321, 8511…

    The yellow footprints at P.I. came about in 1965. President Kennedy’s “Yellow Footprints” memorialized his visit to MCRD San Diego in 1963, so MCRD obviously had them before that.

  • Art Tarsa

    The night of 12 November 1963 the footprints were definitely there. I pulled out my very old boot camp memory photo book and on page 8 or so there is a photo of the entrance to the Receiving Barracks and the footprints are shown in the photo.

  • Darrel B Whiting

    I was here August 1953 and still can’t remember any foot prints..
    but I guess you and I have CRS (can’t remember sh**)
    guess thats just part of the program… have several good friends all Korean War Veterans, we meet for breakfast once per week and we all are in the same boat…I like to say we are ABOVE AVERAGE…. Semper Fi

  • Bob Rader

    I’m with you. Not there the end of ’53 and beginning of ’54.

  • Jim Henthorn MSgt. Retired

    I was there in August 1958 and the footprint was there

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