Yellow Foot Prints -San Diego MCRD

By: Sgt Darrel B Whiting

I was in Boot Camp in August of 1953, and could not remember if there were yellow foot prints there at my arrival…others during the same area couldn’t remember if they were there either. I called MCRD and talked to a nice young lady in the Museum there. She confirmed that the first they could establish that the Yellow Foot Prints were there was in 1963, in fact JFK visited the base and stood in the foot prints. Also she told me that in 1953 the first recruit graduation books came out. Thought others would be interested …. guess we are now ready to report to the museum at 84 years old….

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  • A. Mac. 1/5..1st. 1/9..3rd

    June ‘53…no footprints that I remember. It was not yet dark. First order of business was to stand in formation. Then told: “ why aren’t you inside the squad bay”… Of course no one knew what that meant.. Well some guys who had reserve time did, so when they started for the door(which later was to be referred to as a hatch), everyone followed.. That’s when the real fun began!

  • Eric S. Cooper

    I was at MCRD San Diego in June 1958, Platoon 150. There were no yellow footprints at that time.

  • ray phipps

    Funny I was there in 1959 and there were no yellow foot prints When we got there about midnight we were hustled in to a large room and sat there until every one got there or the ones that were drunk sobered up. then about 4:00 o’clock we were given our bucket issue . After that it all gets blurry things were moving pretty fast after that . Semper Fi Brother.

  • Johnny Reyes Jr ‘58-‘64

    Arrived MCRD 06 June 1958 late at night. It was dark in front of Receiving Barracks. Don’t remember anyone hollering at me to step into yellow footprints and I don’t remember seeing them the following morning. Plt 243.

  • Dick Snyder

    I was in pt. 155 at MCRD in July of 1955 and I do not remember any yellow footprints. We did arrive in the middle of the night. Semper Fi.

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