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Yemassee S.C.

Yemassee S.C.

Sgt. Grit,

While traveling through South Carolina I was hit with a bit of Marine Corps Nostalgia. So I decided to go to Yemassee to see what I remembered of the receiving barracks. It was the first step for 500,000 recruits from 1914 to 1964, I had my turn in February, 1964, a few months before it was taken out of operation.

There were brick barracks, now what is left of them, and the wood barracks, now a fenced park, the only remaining object is the concrete walkway.

Getting off of that train station, I was a million miles from home, and thought, ” what the hell”, Yemassee took two days out of my life, and 45 years later it still sparks interest. So for you “Old Salts” here is what is left of it, again just another memory.

Robert Haller

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