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Your Son

Your Son
Gene E. Blant

To the Mothers and the Fathers
Of United States Marines
Who have fought and bled and died
So that freedom?s bell still rings

From the Halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli
From the alleys of Fallujah
To the frozen Yudam-ni

From the sands of Iwo Jima
To the hills around Khe Sanh
From the smoky hell of Belleau Woods
Your Son fought and won

Your Son battled dictatorships
Communism and tyranny
God?s Son died to make men holy
Your Son died to make men free

There is a debt we owe Your Son
That we can never repay
We owe Your Son more than platitudes
Heard on Veterans or Memorial Day

Your Son is a son of America
One of the Proud and the Few
Your Son volunteered to do the things
Other men would not or could not do

Your Son was Semper Fidelis
Always Faithful to the end was he
Your Son was a shining example
Of what a man is supposed to be

Now Your Son has been reassigned
To stand guard on Heaven?s streets
And when my tour of duty is over
I know that we will meet

I?ll thank Your Son for my freedom
For keeping terror on a distant shore
I?ll thank Your Son for our way of life
And the sacrifice he bore

So tonight when you cry out to God
While praying on your knees
Know that He?s a loving God
Who will listen to your pleas

To lose Your Son for freedom?s cause
God truly understands
God sent His Son to die for us
So you can see Your Son again

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