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We Americans spend lots of time in our cars and trucks. If you are one of the few and the proud or want to show your respect for those who are, it makes sense to display your pride with a USMC license plate or USMC license plate frame.

Mobile Marine Emblems

SGT GRIT offers you practically limitless choices. When you shop our officially licensed USMC license plates and frames, you can find exactly the right Marine license plate frame or license plate to suit your style.

A Marine Corps front license plate makes a lot of sense in states like Florida, which only require a rear license plate on passenger cars and trucks. We carry plenty of black Marine Corps license plates in a variety of designs as well as red Marine Corps tags and brushed silver.

Saluting Your Service

If you are a veteran, you can find plates specifically crafted for vets here. We also have tags honoring particular Marine units. The 1st Battalion 9th Marines, 1st Tank Battalion and 3rd Battalion 1st Marines are just a few examples. Many other units are available.

Browse this page to find what you're looking for. If you can't find it, feel free to contact our customer service staff by email.

License Plate Frames and Accessories

Our USMC license plate frames will put you and the drivers around you in a different frame of mind. We have many frames crafted for veterans as well as ones celebrating popular Marine phrases like semper fi.

For the finishing touch when installing your new USMC tags, make sure to use our EGA screw covers. These unique screws will make your tags truly custom.