Marine Covers

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U.S. Marine Corps covers serve may uses, from dress parades and review to service in the field. But they always show intense pride for those who wear them.

Great Looks and a Proud Tradition

A Marine Corps cover is also a great way for veterans and others to honor the proud traditions of the USMC. Whether you are seeking a USMC hat for yourself or are looking for a great gift for a veteran or anyone who respects and honors the Marines, SGT GRIT carries a huge inventory of officially licensed U.S. Marine Corps covers.

You can select from a giant selection of styles here. Color choices include black, red and OD green. Many of these lids are one-size-fits-all, but we also carry lots of hats in a range of sizes.

Unique USMC Covers

One of the exceptional things about many of these covers is the customization option. Besides choosing from a wide range of colors and styles, you can in many cases choose to customize your cover for a small additional fee.

Our USMC caps and hats are made of quality materials. They are practically as tough as the Leathernecks who wear or give them. These covers will help shield you from sun, rain and the elements while making you look sharp.

When you shop our custom covers, you can select rank and field dress or dress blue. In addition, these covers permit you to write up to two lines of text of your own creation.

Patch Caps

We also offer more than 300 styles of patch covers. Bestsellers include USMC patch covers like 3rd Marine Division Vietnam veteran, FMF Corpsman and eagle, globe and anchor.

Besides choosing your favorite unit patch, you can customize many of these caps with up to three embroidered ribbons and one line of text embroidery for a small extra fee. That makes it possible to make each one of these covers truly unique.

Beanies, Bands and Boonies

For colder weather wear, check out our USMC beanies, watch caps and ear bands. These provide a proud and stylish way to keep warmer in winter. They also make great gifts for the holidays.

If you are looking for a great USMC utility cover, look no further. Available with officer or enlisted devices, our campaign cover comes with a black leather chinstrap with a metal buckle and rivets in the brim for the chinstrap to pass through.

We also carry boonie covers like our OD Green Vietnam Veteran Boonie Hat. This military-style boonie cover comes with an embroidered Vietnam Veteran logo and a Vietnam ribbon.

Four screened side vents make this hat cool and comfortable. Loops have been woven into the sides of each cover for camouflage with leaves and branches. This cover comes with an adjustable chinstrap, too.