A Marines Tail Chesty Goes To Boot Camp Book


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Chesty is no ordinary bulldog. He is the mascot of the United States Marine Corps and he lives in the historic Marine Corps Barracks in Washington DC. In this book, children can read about how it all began for Chesty at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (a.k.a Boot Camp). In this colorful rhyming book, you'll get to follow Chesty as he stands on the yellow footprints, meets his Drill Instructors, and learns what it takes to be transformed into a United States Marine. The book is nicely bound with a hard cover and sturdy pages. It is recommended for ages 3 and up as a picture book and for ages 7 and up as a reader, but even the most salty Marine Corps veterans will enjoy perusing the pages and remembering their boot camp days. This book is a collector's item and all of the proceeds are donated to the Semper Fi Fund to support wounded Marines and Sailors. Hardcover, 32 pages.