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Patches are an important part of military uniforms around the world. They can identify rank, unit and many other pieces of crucial info.

Besides serving practical purposes, patches simply look cool. The colors and designs of patches add a bit of artistic flair to what otherwise could be a humdrum daily military life.

Now, we may be biased here at SGT GRIT, but we happen to believe that United States Marines patches are some of the best-looking and coolest patches out there. If you agree, you have come to the right place. We carry hundreds of officially licensed USMC patches in all kinds of designs and colors. Whether you're looking for a small USMC patch or a big one, you can find it here.

Wide Selection

There's something for everyone here. We have patches honoring the entire Corps with the Marine Corps name or the famous eagle, globe and anchor emblem proudly displayed. You can honor particular wars and eras like Vietnam, Korea or World War II as well as places ranging from Okinawa to Camp Pendleton.

Battalions and Units

If you want to celebrate a particular division or unit, we carry a variety of USMC unit patches. Just a few choices include the 1st Recon Battalion, the 2nd Battalion 8th Marines and the 3rd Battalion 7th Marines.

Don't see what you're looking for or have a really cool idea of your own for a patch? You can create your own rocker patch here. Just enter your own custom text in the space provided and we'll do the rest, creating your custom rocker patch with your words on a red and gold background.

We also have special patch glue for securely and safely securing your patches to fabric. This permanent glue is non-toxic and will hold patches on when garments are washed or dry-cleaned.