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It's standard military philosophy to salute the uniform and not the person. But what about when you are out of uniform?

When you pick the right shirt for the right occasion, those around you will salute your good taste, if only in their hearts and minds. Whether you are a Marine Corps veteran, active-duty personnel on leave or just a citizen who wants to honor uncommon valor and the Marines' esprit de corps, SGT GRIT carries a collection of U.S. Marines shirts that will rank high in everyone's esteem.

Marine Pride

All these shirts honor the United States Marine Corps with their designs. Some bear emblems like the eagle, globe and anchor. Others show your allegiance to the Corps with letters or words. Some are big, and others are small, giving you the ability to find a way to express your feelings subtly and silently or loud and proud.

Big Selection

Thanks to our large selection, you can find USMC shirts here suitable for all seasons and many reasons. We carry long-sleeve, short-sleeve and even sleeve-less Marine shirts.

Our long-sleeve shirts include long-sleeve Marine polo shirts great for cooler-weather wear when you want to look neat while staying warm. We also have quarter-zip long sleeve shirts you can use for layering, working out and a variety of other informal everyday uses.

In addition to our long-sleeve Marine Corps polo shirts, we carry short-sleeve USMC polo shirts. These are ideal for a round of golf, casual everyday wear or when you need a comfortable shirt with a collar for going out for drinks or meals.

We have a USMC polo shirt for practically every taste here. You can find a variety of solid colors as well as stripes. We also carry button-down shirts in sleeveless and long-sleeve styles.

While you're at it, take a look at our USMC jerseys. These are great for a game of touch, flag or tackle football or just for going to the game or watching it at home.