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Ribbon Precedence

Welcome to our new ribbon builder!

To build your ribbon display, select the below ribbons, how many times they were awarded, whether they were with valor, and other ribbon specific options. After you have finished the form, click "Get Precedence" at the bottom or hit "Enter" ("Return" for Mac users) and our system will build your ribbon display, based upon your selection, with all devices in precedence.

You then will have the option to save your display to your account, if you are logged in. If you would like to order the set of ribbons you build, please call customer service at 866-776-2607.

Notice - According to Navy uniform regulations, SecNavInst1650.1H, the FMF Combat Operation Insignia is authorized for Navy personnel not Marine Corps personnel. Please keep this in mind when building your ribbons.

You must be logged in to save your ribbon display.


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