Christmas M-14

Christmas M-14

Yo Grit,

Thanks for the newsletter and a special thanks to you and your staff for your support of Marines, past, present & future.

Was with FLSG Alpha from September, 1966 through April, 1968, & FLSG Bravo @ Dong Ha from April 1968 through October 1968. At the time that the attached photo was taken, I was assigned to Motor Transport Maintenance Company, FLSG Alpha, @ DaNang (across the street from dogpatch).

At Christmas time, I remember that my mother would send our hooch a care package containing garland, chocolate chip cookies, salami & cheese and a plastic quart bottle of Jim Beam (yum). We decorated our hooch & we'd sit & talk about families & girlfriends. RD Stepp would play guitar & Gregg Lappan was Dynamite on his borrowed drums. My M-14 was decorated with loving respect.

Merry Christmas to you and your staff, and Merry Christmas to all Marines & Corpsmen, and to all who support our military. You are all held in reverence.

Cpl. Hugh J. Roche

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