Clothing Accessories

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Clothing like covers, blouses, trousers and jackets may comprise the main articles in any Marine's wardrobe. But having the proper clothing accessories can add just the right finishing touch. Whether you are attending a dressy dinner, gathering or other formal occasion or are looking for items for everyday casual wear, SGT GRIT carries an outstanding selection of officially licensed USMC clothing accessories.

Dressing Up

For those dressier occasions, check out our Marine Corps cufflinks and Marine Corps tie tack and tie bar sets. Our SGT GRIT online catalogue includes tie clips and cufflinks proudly displaying the Marine Corps name and its famous motto "Semper Fidelis." Designs include the eagle, globe and anchor official emblem and insignia of the U.S. Marines.

If you don't need cufflinks to button your shirtsleeves, you can order tie tacks and tie bars separately. We have versions for practically any rank, including PFCs, corporals and sergeants as well as officers. These items provide a subtle and smart way to display your rank as well as your pride.

Of course, our inventory of officially licensed Marine Corps accessories includes a variety of ties to go along with these tie bars and tacks. Choose among neckties as well as bowties in a variety of colors and Marine-themed designs.

We also have silk suspenders for a classy, colorful and patriotic look.

The eagle, globe and anchor design will let everyone know you are one of the few and the proud.

Travel and Leisure

When you have to travel, our dress blues garment cover will keep your uniform clean and unwrinkled. For less formal times, like when you're working out or jogging, our Marine-themed wristbands and sweatbands will show your allegiance while keeping you comfortable.

If you need to wear a facemask, you can wear it with pride with one of our licensed facemasks. Our Marine Corps facemasks are available with a variety of patriotic designs to show your allegiance.