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The U.S. Marines didn't earn their reputation as the first to fight by letting a little cold weather get in their way. Whether you are an active-duty jarhead looking for some warm and good-looking apparel, a veteran or simply a citizen who respects America's toughest fighting force, SGT GRIT carries an outstanding collection of officially licensed USMC jackets and outerwear.

If you're looking for a great Marine Corps jacket, we carry dozens of Marine Corps jackets in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. From a Marine Corps leather jacket to satin, canvas, denim and polyester, you can find the material that best suits the look you want as well as the weather protection you need.

Wind, Rain and Cold Protection

We have USMC anoraks and windbreakers to keep the wind's icy fingers off you as well as waterproof parkas to keep the rain at bay. When the mercury drops to record lows or if you're going to some really frigid place, check out our quilted puffer jackets. They are filled with generous amounts of insulation to ward off the cold. But they are highly compactable, making them perfect for traveling.

You can find a Marines jacket here in your choice of color and design. Many come with the famous eagle, globe and anchor Marines emblem.

Vests and Hoodies

In addition to USMC jackets, we carry other Marine outerwear, like vests. Available in materials like leather, denim or polyester, our USMC vests are perfect for layering on really frigid days. They also look good and provide warmth, comfort and neat looks for cool spring and fall days.

Our USMC hoodies and pullovers are also ideal for cool weather or for layering on frosty days and nights. Neat and durable, they are perfect for everyday casual wear.