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Whether you're working out as part of your PT regimen to stay in shape or just want to keep comfortable when it's hot outside, SGT GRIT can provide you a pair of U.S. Marine Corps shorts that will show your devil dogs pride. Our big collection of officially licensed USMC shorts gives you lots of options to look neat while keeping cool no matter how you use them or where you wear them.

Shorts for All Occasions

These short pants are ideal for active-duty Marines looking to show their pride when on leave. Vets should invest in a pair, too. After all, once a Marine, always a Marine. Our shorts also make great gifts for spouses, significant others, relatives and friends - anyone who respects the duty and honor of the United States Marines.

You'll find a variety of USMC logo running shorts here ideal for jogging, working out or playing sports. For hot, sweaty days or intense workouts or competition, check out our mesh shorts and PT shorts. Their closed-hole mesh and side vents will help you keep your cool.

The 100 percent polyester material in many of our shorts makes them durable and easy to clean. Features like the nylon tricot material in our PT shorts will make even the most grueling physical training workouts bearable.

For everyday wear beyond the gym or track, check out our USMC shorts and cargo shorts. Available in a variety of colors and designs, including camo, these shorts are long on coolness and neatness. They will keep you feeling cool and looking neat on even the hottest, stickiest days.