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As the old saying advises, if ya got it, flaunt it. Whether you are an active member of the United States Marine Corps, a veteran or simply someone who admires the toughness of this legendary military organization, Marine emblems provide a great way to display your pride.

At SGT GRIT, we carry a variety of officially licensed USMC emblems and pins. You can find a Marine emblem here to proudly display on your truck or car, on an article of clothing or practically anywhere else.

Revered Emblems

The famous eagle, globe and anchor emblem probably ranks among the top Marine Corps emblem graphics. You will find this storied Marine emblem represented in many of the products here. Our chrome-plated metal emblems may be attached to vehicles with 3M automotive adhesive tape that is paint-safe and unaffected by weather and car washes.

Reflective Decals

We also carry reflective EGA decals in a variety of designs. Made in the U.S., these peel-and-stick decals will adhere to any smooth surface, like glass, plastic or metal. Attach them to cars, trucks, boats, laptops or practically anywhere else you want to show your Marines pride.

We also have emblems with popular Marines slogans like semper fi as well as the USMC acronym and the simple word Marines. These chrome emblems have adhesive backing and will look great on a car, truck or boat.

USMC Pins Too

You can also find United States Marines pins here. Attach one to clothing, a backpack or other fabric to show your Marines pride.