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When you need the ultimate USMC sweatshirt or hoodie designed for everything you're going to give it, you'll find it at SGT GRIT. Our Marine Corps hoodies are built for strength, durability and warmth-with a dash of style and comfort mixed in. In other words, they're good to go. A variety of colors and printed designs are ready to suit your style and personality. They'll also meet all the demands, from field meets to early morning boot camp sessions.

Marine Corps Hoodie and Sweatshirt Styles

One of the first things you look for in a USMC hoodie or sweatshirt is the style. Fans of zip-up sweatshirts and drawstring hoods will find a generous selection of easy-on, easy-off hoodies that keep you protected and warm. Pullover sweatshirts without hoods are also in the lineup, an exceptional choice for those who don't want to bother with zips and drawstrings.

You'll find Marine sweatshirts with partial zippers, side pockets, kangaroo pockets and other features that add both style and functionality to the mix. Women's USMC hoodies are available, featuring a slightly different cut and fit. Most hoodies are constructed of a cotton and polyester blend.

You're also treated to a range of sweatshirt colors and printed designs. True to form for a military hoodie, you're not going to find neon and pastels-but you will find a generous selection of blues, greys, blacks, greens, khakis and other colors that pump up your military alignment and even match your greens (not that you'd dare wear a hoodie with your uniform). A few brighter colors, such as yellow and red, are certainly in the lineup, paying homage to the Marine Corps scarlet and gold.

Printed USMC Sweatshirts

Paying homage to your Marine roots is easy with the variety of printed designs. Options include USMC lettering, logos and phrases. "Never Underestimate" and "Semper Fi" are always cool choices, as is the sweatshirt that proclaims "None of Us Almost Joined." Customized sweatshirts featuring rank, logos and other elements are also available.

Whether you're heading to boot camp, a field meet or just hanging out in your backyard, SGT GRIT military hoodies are ready to give you a durable, comfortable option that feels as good as it looks. Shop our collection of Marine Corps hoodies and sweatshirts today.