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Go ahead: Take your pride in the U.S. Marine Corps on the road and display it for all to see. The unique collection of officially licensed USMC automotive accessories available at SGT GRIT will get you lots of thumbs-ups, comments and compliments everywhere you go.

We have everything you need to decorate your car or truck with a Marine theme inside or out down to the last detail. Our interior USMC vehicle accessories can help keep your ride cleaner and help it last longer.

Interior Accessories

We have United States Marine Corps floor mats for the front and back to protect your car's carpeting from dirt, mud and moisture. To prevent excessive heat buildup on hot days and to protect your dash and vehicle's interior from the sun's damaging UV rays, check out our Marine Corps auto sun shade products. Products like these will more than repay your investment by protecting your vehicle's looks. Our steering wheel covers will protect your hands when you get in your rig on really hot or cold days.

Exterior Accessories

Your vehicle's exterior is the logical place to show your Marine pride. If you're not driving a tank, you can fly your own flag on your personal vehicle with one of our Marine car flags. Each sturdy red nylon flag bears the Marine Corps emblem on each side and comes with its own plastic pole that attaches to a rolled-up car window.

A Marine Corps tire cover will protect your spare from the sun as well as rain, snow, grit and grime. We also carry lots of items to doll up your wheels, like our pineapple grenade shaped valve stem caps. These will give your ride a truly unique look.

If you want to keep the world's grubbiness at bay, check out our touchless keychains. Besides carrying keys and opening bottles, these handy key carriers have soft caps that let you use ATMs, checkouts and other necessities of everyday life without touching them.