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Although advances in technology have brought some incredibly fearsome weapons to the world, the knife remains a tool that is practical as it is dependable. These versatile instruments can be used for self-defense, survival, daily chores and a variety of other uses.

Small, simple and inexpensive, at least compared to the Department of Defense budget, they provide great value. Everyone should have at least one.

Saluting the Glory

A USMC knife adds the honor and history of the United States Marine Corps to the allure and mystique of this simple but effective weapon and tool. At SGT GRIT, we carry dozens of officially licensed USMC knives, sporks and sheaths. Whether you are a collector, an outdoorsman, an active-duty or retired Marine or simply a civilian who appreciates a good edge on a unique tool, you can find a knife you will be proud to own when you shop here.

Quality Ka-Bars

We carry legendary Marines knives like Ka-Bars. Based on the combat knife developed for Marines in 1942, these fixed-bladed combat knives remain as lethal today as they were during World War II.

In addition to impressive self-protection, they can do anything from digging holes to cutting wood to opening cans. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes.

Pocket Knives

If you are looking for a U.S. Marine Corps pocket knife, check out our folding knives. You'll find traditional pocket knives with a variety of patriotic designs as well as spring-assisted knives for quick response.

Besides knives, we carry a variety of leather Ka-Bar sheaths that will protect you and your knife. If you like to go camping or simply eat while on the road, check out our Ka-Bar tactical sporks. In one small, portable package, they include everything you need for on-the-go or on-the-ground meals, including a knife, fork and spoon.