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Whether you're looking for a unique gift for a jarhead or a gyrene supporter or simply want to get some more Marine magnetism into your own life, SGT GRIT offers a great selection of hard-to-find officially licensed USMC home and vehicle magnets. Whoever gets them and wherever you put them, these Marine Corps magnets will attract plenty of attention, comments and compliments.

Magic Marine Magnetism

Many of these magnets are made right here in the U.S., helping to make jobs for Americans as well as displaying American pride and craftsmanship. You will find veteran car magnets here as well as magnets with a variety of designs and themes.

Some are humorous, while others are deadly serious. That gives you the opportunity to select exactly the right magical magnet for any person, vehicle or occasion.

These magnets are available in an incredible range of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. We have rectangular and square magnets as well as oval and round ones for sale. Sizes include 2 inches, 6" x 3" and 12 inches. Materials include everything from vinyl for a contemporary look to pewter for an antique feel.

Although many of these magnets are designed for use on cars and truck bumpers, they can also find a place in any home that respects the United States Marines. They are dandy for fridges to hold papers and photos and can be placed on any ferrous metal surface for sure support. If you use these magnets on a car or truck, make sure to rotate them to keep the vehicle's paint safe.