My Story about Jumping into Foxholes

The date was Feb 67. I was on my way back after a 30 day free leave for extending 6 months. Flew in to DaNang with a E-7 sitting next to me asking a billion questions. Now at that time transit was in hardbacks near the airfield, no Hilton yet. It is night and I am BSing with a team from 26 Marines. They there for rabies shots. All the sudden we hear a “freight trains” going over our heads. Then loud explosions on other side of airfield. Well this same E-7 runs in yelling about getting into the trenches. So being good Marines we get up go out and proceed to watch the FNG’s jump into a trench 1/2 full of water and mudd. We did not say a thing, just walked back to the hootch a went to sleep. Funny, never saw that Gunny agian. Semper Fi
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  • Henry Young

    Cpl. Easterlin, I was on that very same Operation(Steel Pike) I was aboard the USS Francis Marion, APA 47. I had the duty of guarding the victims of the helecoptor crash on the way back to Lejuene. I was with H Co. 2/8. RVN 65/66/69. Semper Fi brothers

  • Will Clifford

    The water table in the Danang area, and especially at Red Beach, was about three feet from the surface, so it is not news that the fighting holes in the area always held water. Now for as the freight train noise; yep, sounds familiar, but the first time that I heard it up close and personal was that I thought a jet from Danang airfield was lost and was skimming our base camp, oh what a surprise.

  • Douglas Harper

    After nightly rockets and mortars, we used to sleep through the attacks at Marble Mountain and watch the FNG’s run for the rat-infested, water-filled bunkers. However, the war was serious and I’m glad I made it home. While there I did all I could to train the FNG’s to survive.
    Jarhead, USMC 1963 – 1972, Vietnam 1967-1968 SSgt.

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  • Nick

    You guys have to be SHITIN me this is not a story about frikin FOXHOLES or political correctness! The guy told a story of a memory he had! com’on Jarheads!! Nick 0311/8531

  • Bob Mauney

    I understand the point and it is valid. However, it is possible that he writer used the term “foxhole” because about every reader would probably relate to “foxhole”, even non-Marines and civilians that read these stories. As a Vietnam Vet I normally use the term “foxhole” when speaking to non-Marine vets and civilians. It seems to eliminate confusion and explaination. Not everyone knows the meanings of “fighting hole” or “fighting trench”….Bob Mauney..Vietnam 1966/1967

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