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Snuffy Country

It is interesting to read the letters of our fellow Marines of the different eras. Regarding "Name Tapes" – as a member of Platoon 130, MCRD S Diego the summer of 1961. We were issued a rubber stamp kit with pad and our names were rubber stamped on our utility blouse [first initial, middle initial, last name] immediately above the left breast pocket as well as all of the rest of our issue, in less conspicuous places, at the beginning of our basic training.

Because I'm old, and the memory is not always as trust worthy as it once was, I verified this with a photo of myself in the utility uniform which was taken at that time. Our blouse was issued with the EGA and USMC already stamped on the left breast pocket. Then when we arrived on Okinawa, we were able to buy the embroidery name tags for our fatigues.

So those who think it is an ARMY THING…not so brother! The name tags were also worn on our field jacket as well. For those who think the Marines should discontinue the name tags because it looks like the Marine are trying to "fit in" – that has never been a problem…we have always been set aside, not just because we are a squared away group…but because we are unmistakably MARINES.

Gary A. Halstead Cpl E4 USMC '61-'67
"Semper Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Frates Aerteni"

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