The Gunny's Basic Rules

RULE 1 The Gunny is always right.

RULE 2 In the impossible hypothesis that a subordinate or officer may be right, rule 1 becomes immediately effective.

RULE 3 The Gunny does not sleep; he rests.

RULE 4 The Gunny is never late; he is delayed elsewhere.

RULE 5 The Gunny never leaves his work; his presence is required elsewhere.

RULE 6 The Gunny never reads his paper in the office; he studies.

RULE 7 The Gunny never gossips; he dispenses information.

RULE 8 The Gunny never daydreams; he is in weighty deliberation.

RULE 9 Who ever enters the Gunny’s office with a good idea, must leave the office with the Gunny’s idea.

RULE 10 The Gunny is always the Gunny; even in a towel and shower shoes
*See RULE 1

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  • Jeff Lemoine, GySgt, Ret.

    “‘Nuff said”, Gunny L!

  • Refugio Salinas

    OH SO TRUE!!!

  • Jim Barber

    The only difference between a Gunny and God is that God doesn’t think he’s a Gunny.

  • Bob

    Reminds me of a time in Vietnam when a few of us, and the Gunny, were sitting around unwinding and telling a few jokes after a hot, hard days work on the resupply LZ. I guess we got a little too loud because the Lt. came in our hooch and told us to keep the noise down. We quietened down for a little while but, again, I guess we got a little too loud. The Lt. came in again and told us to quieten down and turn in. The Gunny spoke up and said “Sir, the men have had a hard day and are just trying to relax a little before turning in”. The Lt. spoke up harshly and said “Gunnery Sgt, I’ll have you know I’m running this outfit”. With that, the Gunny stood up and said “Sir, with all due respect, I’m running the GD outfit, your’e just responsible for it.” ENOUGH SAID!

  • Russell Schuh

    You Can Bet Your Ass ON THAT

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