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Besides holding your pants up, belts can do a lot of other important things. They provide a handy place to carry holsters for weapons and tools, for instance.

In addition to their very practical purposes, belts can make a statement. When you wear or give a USMC belt or buckle, you will be showing pride in a cohesive and effective fighting force that has existed for more than two centuries.

Command and Control

Simply with their impressive looks, Marine Corps belt buckles and belts convey a don't tread on me message. They will let onlookers know the wearer is not to be messed with. At the same time, they will inspire reverence, compliments and comments from any patriotic American.

Freedom to Choose

When you shop at SGT GRIT, you can pick from more than a dozen officially licensed USMC belts and buckles. That gives you full freedom to choose exactly the design and look you want. Whether you are looking for a web belt with buckle for outdoors use or a leather belt for dressier occasions, we have one for you.

Web Belts

Our web belts are available in a variety of colors, including black, woodland camo and OD green. These adjustable belts always fit just right.

If you need a web belt buckle, our eagle, globe and anchor buckles go far beyond the ordinary, just like the organization they represent. Available in black or charcoal, these buckles portray the famed Marines emblem.

They will make an instant impression anywhere you wear them. Besides making great replacements, they also are impressive upgrades.

Leather Belts

If you really want to dress to impress, check out our Marines leather belts. These are available embossed or stamped with the Marines' name or iconic designs like the eagle, globe and anchor. Choose from popular colors like brown or black.

Buckle Up

We also carry plenty of impressive Marines belt buckles. Available in a variety of materials, including solid brass, these buckles proudly display iconic images like the Marines EGA, a devil dog and the good old stars and stripes.