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10" OD Green Eagle Globe and Anchor Patch

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An olive drab EGA patch from SGT GRIT makes a perfect addition to a Marine's collection.

The eagle, globe and anchor have symbolized the US Marine Corps since 1968. The eagle is a national icon, the globe symbolizes the Corps' willingness to serve anywhere in the world, and the fouled anchor tributes its roots in the US Navy. In 1955 the logo was made part of the official seal of the USMC. Marines from multiple generations have worn the EGA with pride.

This 10-inch patch features a representation of that timeless icon. It features an olive drab green color that matches military uniforms. Featuring precision stitching, it is made to stand up to daily wear, making it perfect for application to jackets or vests for bikers. It also fits in well with military memorabilia collections.

Marines may not actively serve, but they will always be Marines. Chesty would approve of this proud display, no matter where you ride.

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