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By: Daniel J Rudroff

I need some help
I was in the USMC from August of 62 to July of 65. I went to Okinawa with 1/9 and from there I went on the LPH Iwo Jima. My records show I was on the Iwo Jima and during the time I was on the Iwo Jima , the Iwo Jima was in Vietnam. I was also on the Iwo Jima when President Kennedy was assassinated. This was right at the beginning of the war. Problem is the VA says they don’t show me as having been in Vietnam. I do remember in the 80’s I received a letter from our commanding officer then Lt. Col Kenneth McLennan stating he had gotten our records to show we were in Vietnam. I just would like to know if anyone can help me prove to the VA that I am a Vietnam Vet. My email is drudroff@gmail.com and phone is 713 540 2544. If anyone can help me, I am willing to pay for the time.
Cpl Daniel J. Rudroff

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  • Bob 1381

    Daniel….Does your DD214 not have your Vietnam Service and Vietnam Campaign ribbons listed under “Decorations, Medals, etc”? If not, try contacting your state or county Veterans agency and they can guide you through the process of obtaining a correction to your records (DD215). I went through the process and there were several decorations that were authorized after my release but were retroactive to or before I served in-country. I hope this helps….Glad you made it home Marine…Semper Fi…Bob 1381 Vietnam 66/67.

  • MSgt Edd Prothro, USMC Ret. 1964-1984

    Daniel – I might suggest that you contact http://www.19walkingdead.org. They would probably have the most 1st Battalion/9th Marines veterans of any organization. Good Luck, Semper Fi!!!!

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