DaNang '67, '68, & '69

DaNang '67, '68, & '69

I arrived in DaNang Dec. 27, 1967. I served 18 mos with the First Shore Party Bn, First Mar Div. I volunteered and am proud to have served my Country! 🇺🇸 👈🏻 This I will defend!
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  • James Marshall

    My Father is no longer with us. But he served started his tour in early 65 on Marble Mountain and Chu Li, he didn’t get out of country until late 66 served 23 mo and 23 days shore to shore. USMC..

  • Bob 1381

    I was at Camp Del Mar with Co. A, 5th Shore Party Bn when the 26th Marines and other elements of the 5th Division were reactivated. We left out of San Diago on APA 45, USS Henrico in July 1966, landed at Okinawa and stationed at Camp Schwab. Later transferred to Co. A, 3rd Shore Party in Vietnam…..Bob 1381 Vietnam 66/67.

  • Harry 1371

    Our battalion CO was named Funderburk (Lt. Col.) any relation? Harry 1371

  • Stephen Funderburk

    Funderburk i got there chrismas eve 1970 hill 55

  • John T Sandrowicz

    I feel like a rookie I got there in 1970

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