DaNang '67, '68, & '69

DaNang '67, '68, & '69

I arrived in DaNang Dec. 27, 1967. I served 18 mos with the First Shore Party Bn, First Mar Div. I volunteered and am proud to have served my Country! 🇺🇸 👈🏻 This I will defend!
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  • Ray Nauni

    There is no party like Shore Party . I served with 1st. Shore Party from Pendleton to Nam from 1963 to June 1967. In 63 we were called 1st. Landing at Camp Del Mar. Then in 1964 Shore Party was reactivated for Nam. Semper Fi brother.

  • Cpl Gary Frostbutter

    I too served with First Shore Party BN First Marine Div. I too volunteered and was in Vietnam mid 1968 69 most of 70

  • Moe Boudreau

    Welcome Home Marine. I too was stationed in DaNang from May 68 to June 69 lst Marine Air Wing up near Freedon Hill 327. Made it home after 13 Months. Semper Fi My Friend.

  • Bob 1381

    Portfolio and Bryson….. I was beginning to think I was the only old corps Redpatcher checking the newsletter. I arrived at Da Nang in 1966. I served with Company A, 3rd Shore Party Bn, 3rd Marine Division. Went to Thuan An, then to Camp Evans north of Hue in December 1966, back to Thuan An, then to Dong Ha until rotating in August 1967. Semper Fi Marine……Bob 1381 Vietnam 1966/1967.

  • Roy Williams

    The name is Roy, I arrived in VN in May 67 I was with the Searchlight Plt. I had only been there nine days when I got in my first firefight. In of all places, Freedom Hill, otherwise know as Hill 327. It was supposed to be the safest place around Da Nang. Our Platoon was the most hated by both sides. The only ones that really appreciated us was “Spooky” that awful fantastic killer gunship in the sky. Our searchlights would light up and area and he would just unload on the VC. “Welcome Home” Marine. I’m glad you made it back. Semper Fi ! Once a Marine, Always a Marine

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