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With the advent of cellphones, no one really needs to wear a watch anymore. But many people still do.

We don't know exactly why. It may simply be because you can glance at a watch to tell the time without getting pulled over by a cop for fiddling with your cellphone while driving.

But we suspect it has more to do with the looks and authority wearing a watch conveys. Anyone with a watch on their wrist looks together, efficient and in command of the situation.

Those are words that describe the United States Marine Corps to a tee. So SGT GRIT is proud to offer you an outstanding selection of officially licensed USMC watches and gift sets.

Huge Selection of Top Timepieces

Our big USMC watch collection gives you plenty of choices. We have all the best brands of Marine Corps watches, Bulova being just one example. You will find men's watches and women's watches here. Choose from leather, metal or synthetic bands.

Some may think it wouldn't be a U.S. Marine Corps watch without the famous eagle, globe and anchor emblem. We agree, so we carry plenty of EGA watches. You can choose from a variety of watch designs with this bold emblem set off against a variety of contrasting backgrounds.

Great Gifts and Gift Sets

Any of these watches would make a great gift for that special lady or gentleman in your life. We also offer USMC watch and pen gift sets that will be truly appreciated. These sets come complete with their own presentation box.