Marine Family

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No one ever said it would be easy being a United States Marine.

But in some ways, it can be just as difficult to be a relative or spouse of a member of this elite fighting force. There is the obvious worry for anyone who loves a Marine about whether their loved one will return intact from an overseas engagement. But in many cases Marine families often must move around the country and the world with their Marine as deployments shift.

Shared Sacrifice

The large collection of officially licensed USMC family clothes and products available at SGT GRIT provides a great way to acknowledge the sacrifices made by relatives and spouses of U.S. Marines. Never have the words "They also serve who only stand and wait" rung truer. You can honor Marines' family members' sacrifices when you shop our big selection of proud Marine family clothing and products.

Clothes for All the Family

Our Marines' clothing for family members includes apparel for everyone in the fam. Our Marine T-shirts for family members are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs. Some carry messages crafted specifically for wives and mothers of Marines. Those are the brave women who often have to suffer in silence.

Our Marine apparel for family members takes everyone into account from kids to grandparents. Our three-piece Youth Marine Dress Blues make a great present for that pint-sized future Devil Dog in your life. We carry embroidered covers that Marine dads will wear with pride.

You'll also find lots of other items here that make great gifts for family members. These include plaques and signs perfect for home decor, coffee mugs for the kitchen, soap for the bathroom and candles for the boudoir.