Fear Of Marines

Fear Of Marines

A squadron of these babies appeared on our C-130 flight line in Cherry Point the day after Kennedy was killed. Ready for war with Cuba or Russia. Every Air Force crew chief had a full, brand new tool box whereas us poor Marines were lucky to steal (or rather com-shaw) a screw driver here or there. Needless to say the fly boys had a 24 hour guard on their planes for fear of Marines, not commies.

Norm Spilleth
Cpl. 1960-1964

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  • Kapena

    Hey Norm, are those Thuds? Sure does not look like the sleek super sexy planes of today! At K-Bay there was a detachment of 4 EA – 6B Prowlers at our flight line guarded by armed security 24/7! We also had F4 Phantoms And A4 Skyhawks which did not get such attention! We couldn’t get to close to check them out although it was our flight line! Anyway Semper Fi!

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