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How to Choose Tactical Gear?

Guide to Choosing the Right Tactical Gear


Active military forces are issued their tactical apparel and gear, but the increasing use of tactical clothes and field gear by civilians has created crossover appeal for hunters and other outdoor and sports enthusiasts.

Tactical clothes by definition are sturdier alternatives to ordinary clothes, and with more features to accommodate different environments and ways to comfortably carry tactical gear in the field.

Tactical Apparel

Fit, purpose and durability are big factors to consider in choosing tactical apparel.

If your tactical clothing doesn't fit comfortably, and survive the wear-and-tear and long hours outside of heavy outdoors use, it won't matter if that heavier-duty apparel has plenty of deep pockets.

That's why retailers like SGT GRIT have generous returns policies, offering customers an easy decision if the fit isn't quite right.

Retailers like SGT GRIT also do their homework to specify the purpose of its military and military-style apparel, and to sell only quality tactical boots, pants, covers and more.

For example, a versatile tactical grid fleece pullover from SGT GRIT is recommended for any environment, thanks to the high quality soft, grid jersey knit fabric lined with grid fleece for breathability. In cool weather, this pullover top with concealed side pockets is considered mid-weight apparel. In colder weather, layer it beneath a cold weather jacket.

SGT GRIT sells tactical covers, pants and accessories. Its AR 670-1 Coyote V-Max. lightweight tactical boots are lightweight alternatives to clunky, heavy combat boots. These are lightweight tactical cross-trainers that are as comfortable to wear as running shoes. These tactical boots are crafted of leather, nylon and rubber - with EVA outsoles for traction and screen-air vents for cooling breathability.

Tactical Gear

When it comes to civilian tactical gear, take your cue from military tactical gear. For example, the officially licensed 15-in. U.S. Marines tactical axe from SGT GRIT has a reinforced stainless steel blade that can easily cut, chop or dig holes.

Unlike ordinary axes, this axe with piercing spike and attached paracord has a built-in survival kit inside the handle that contains matches, striking strip, fishing string and hook, and bandages.

Consider an easy-carry camouflage tactical sling bag with a concealed-carry sleeve, space for a laptop, and plenty of inside and outside pockets for folding knives, maps and more.

For civilian hunters, shooters and law enforcement customers, tactical gear can include rifle magazine pouches, sturdy first aid carry bags, MOLLE-compatible armored plate carrier vests and tactical gloves.

For early-morning and late-night expeditions, choose a tactical flashlight with a magnifier beam. A portable knife sharpener Is a lightweight addition to any tactical gear collection.

Digital ear muffs with built-in microphones are popular tactical choices for shooting ranges. Pay attention to the dimensions when choosing a tactical duffel bag that will hold your gear.

Even when you're not hiking through mountain trails, you can consider gear ranging from military-strong neck gaiters to tactical walking sticks.

SGT GRIT carries a trademarked KA-BAR self-defense cane made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum with metal textured grips.

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