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Although the U.S. Navy abolished its daily ration of distilled spirits in 1862, plenty of sailors and Marines have concocted their own tots and drams ever since. Whether you like to imbibe adult beverages occasionally or prefer something softer, SGT GRIT carries an extensive selection of officially licensed USMC mugs, glasses, tumblers and drinkware. These will let you, your friends and family slake your thirst in true Marines style.

Classic Collection

Our USMC drinkware collection provides a unique and classy way to toast the health of this venerable organization while also toasting your friends and family members. These glasses and mugs have cool Marines designs with iconic emblems like the eagle, globe and anchor. You can also find styles honoring particular Marine units and battalions.

If you like the hard stuff, we carry a variety of shot glasses in cool designs for drinking whiskey and other libations neat. For cocktails, check out our USMC rocks and old fashioned glasses.

Beer and Wine Glasses

Beer drinkers can choose among Marines pint glasses, tankards and beer steins. If you like craft beer, get one of our USMC growlers for the freshest suds around. We also have wine glasses for admirers of the grape.

Cups and Mugs

If you like to drink coffee, tea or cocoa, with or without a little something extra, we carry lots of Marine Corps mugs to keep you warm on chilly days and nights. You can also find plenty of Marines coasters here to keep stains off your furniture.

H2O for You

Despite what W.C. Fields may have said about water, it's crucial to life. We offer Marines water bottles to keep you hydrated. Our travel mugs will keep your drinks in their place and off your lap or floormats while you are on the road.

Besides offering everything for the drinker, we have everything for the host or hostess too. Marines bar supplies available here include can and bottle openers as well as cutting boards for slicing those lemons and limes. Our USMC decanters will add a touch of class to any home, while our Marines flasks are handy whenever and wherever you need a quick nip.