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Maybe your DI wore sunglasses, which made him look even meaner under the wicked Parris Island summer sun. Now you want to exhibit the same toughness your DI did.

Or maybe a friend looks really cool in a pair of shades. Or perhaps you would prefer not to get cataracts someday.

Whatever the reasons you have for wanting a good pair of shades, SGT GRIT carries a fine selection of officially licensed USMC sunglasses and eyewear. Designed with iconic Marines emblems like the eagle, globe and anchor, our Marine Corps sunglasses will make you look even cooler than civilian shades.

Eye Protection

Besides their fashion advantages, these sun specs offer plenty of practical performance. Most importantly, they will protect your eyes from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. Over time, UV can lead to cataracts.

In addition, these sunglasses will help you see better when facing into the sun. Whether you are trying to locate a school of fish under a bank or boat or driving into the sunset, you will appreciate the way these shades cut the glare and help you see better.

Military Spec

Some of these sunglasses offer additional benefits, such as ballistic rated lenses that exceed military impact specifications. Certain sunglasses have smoke tint and anti-fog lenses that help you see well even when you have to hustle from an air-conditioned structure out into the blinding sun, heat and humidity.

We have floating sunglasses too. If you drop them in the drink, you won't have to watch them sink irretrievably into Davey Jones' locker.

Another way to keep your shades where they are supposed to be is to use one of our USMC sunglasses straps. These provide an inexpensive insurance policy to protect your precious glasses from falling off or overboard.